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Author of "Start-Up Mixology"

Friday, September 5th — 7 pm

Entrepreneurship starts with an idea and a dream: a dream of a better world for others, and a life less ordinary for yourself. These days, more people than ever are full of world-changing ideas and, thanks to technology, have the means to bring them to life.

Join us to meet Frank Gruber, the co-founder of media company Tech Cocktail, a veteran entrepreneur and investor who was named one of the most connected people in tech. This book covers the basic "ingredients" of winning entrepreneurship. Gruber explains how to tackle everything from idea generation to launch to marketing to funding and how to start getting things done.



Author of "Into the Dark Water"

Saturday, September 6th — 1 to 3 pm

Made famous by her final commanding officer, John F. Kennedy, PT-109 is one of the most celebrated warships in American history. However, a full chronicle of PT-109 s wartime story has heretofore been lacking. Behind the familiar account of the future president and the boat s violent demise is the little-known record under two previous officers during the swirling battles around Guadalcanal.In these mainly nocturnal fights, when the Japanese navy was at its apex, America s small, fast-boat flotillas would sally out to probe enemy strength, vying with enemy destroyers, who were similarly roaming the waters and able to blast a PT-boat out of the water if main armament could be brought to bear. It was constant hit-and-run and dodging between searchlights across Iron Bottom Sound, as the PT-boats darted in among the enemy fleet, like a barroom brawl with the lights turned out. Bryant Larson and Rollin Westholm preceded Kennedy as commanders of PT-109, and their fights with the brave ship and its crew hold second to none in the chronicles of US Navy daring. As the battles moved on across the Pacific the PT-boat flotillas gained confidence, even as the Japanese, too, learned lessons in how to destroy them.Under its third and final commander, Kennedy, PT-109 came a cropper as a Japanese destroyer suddenly emerged from a dark mist and rammed it in half. read more


Author of "Second Chance"

Saturday, September 13th — 1 to 3 pm

Ed LeCrone brings history to life in his latest novel, Second Chance, portraying the tension between the United States and the imperial French government at the close of the Civil War.

Former Union infantryman Chance Neunan resumes his quest to re-connect with the woman he discoverd during the war. Neunan is rejected by his mixed race love interest who feels that the barriers involved in their coupling will be insurmountable. No knowing the location of Andrea Edwards except that she was an executive in the Freedmen's Bureau organization in Texas, the newly recruited cavalry trooper volunteers for a hazardous mission in order to continue his search.

Come meet novelist Ed LeCrone and travel to the U.S./Mexican border in his latest work of fiction.